This is my first attempt at a blog. My youngest daughter, Meghan encouraged me to start. That would be “encouraged” defined very loosely. She said “you should start a blog…people would love it…I’ll set it up!” And she did.

Anytime Meg starts a sentence with “you should”, trust me, soon you will!

This is the same way I ended up with a Face Book account.

She asked me what I wanted to name my blog. I jokingly said “Whining and Wisdom”. She said that’s perfect because that’s what you’ll be doing! I protested.

Sometimes these moments of encouragement require thick skin.

She also laid down some rules, one being “no blogging on Ambien”.
OOPS! I’ve already broken that one!

Not to worry Meghan-I’m keeping it short, sweet and sane tonight. More tomorrow. And just to be clear-no whining will be involved.

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